eDS opt-out

This is a patient sharing initiative by Ipswich East and West Suffolk Clinical Commissioning Groups.

The NHS uses a secure electronic computer system called SystmOne to hold your records – and with your consent, it allows the healthcare professionals who care for you to share your medical information with each other to make sure you receive the best possible care.

Detailed Record Sharing – How Does this Work ?

Imagine you’re receiving care from three different NHS services: your GP, a district nurse and a skin specialist. You want your GP and district nurse to share information with each other and you want them both to know your progress with your skin specialist. However, you don’t want the skin specialist to see any of your other medical information.



How is my decision recorded ?

Your health care provider’s computer system has two settings to allow you to control how your medical information is shared:

Sharing Out:

This controls whether your full electronic patient record can be shared with other NHS Care Services where you are treated. Please record your preference:

Sharing In:

This controls whether this health service can view information recorded by other NHS Care Services where you have received treatment. Please record your preference using the below form:

What is my NHS Number?