Information for patients receiving Zoladex injections

Information for patients receiving Zoladex injections

In line with recent guidance from the West Suffolk Commissioning Group and Department of Urology at the West Suffolk Hospital all patients receiving the 3 monthly preparation of Zoladex LA (also known as Goserelin) are being phased over to Decapeptyl SR (Triptorelin). Both preparations are versions of a class of medications known as Gonadorelin analogues and have been proven to be of equal potency when compared to the gold standard of surgical castration.

The rationale behind this switch is threefold:

(1) Triptorelin is given as a liquid injection and is therefore easier and less painful to administer.
(2) Triptorelin is also available in a 6 monthly preparation and we anticipate switching stable patients to 6 monthly injections in due course, thereby saving the practice (and patients !) appointment time.
(3) In the West Suffolk CCG over £230,000 per annum is spent on provision of the above class of medications. It is hoped that the proposed switch will save the NHS in £50,000 per annum in this region alone.

You do not need to do anything further and should attend the surgery as planned for your next injection (usually at 3 month intervals).

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