FOCUS 12 : A Model for Integrated Working


To facilitate effective, safe delivery of healthcare, including medications, for clients of FOCUS 12  whilst promoting effective use of GP consultation time at the Guildhall Surgery (largely by reducing the number of routine new patient registration appointments).

It is hoped that we can reduce the number of consultations where the sole purpose of the consultation is for administrative functions, namely registration, sick certification & prescription of repeat medications. Patients with complex or unstable medical needs will still need to register with their allocated GP in person & clients retain the facility to book an appointment with their GP as normal.


New clients may be registered with the Guildhall & Barrow Surgery by using the standard registration form (available for download as a word document online). The registration documentation (below) should include a list of their regular medications (with dosings) & be handed to reception at the Guildhall Surgery.

Registration documents:

(a) Guildhall & Barrow Surgery new patient registration form with NHS GMS 1 form (or as pdf)

(b) Client signed FOCUS 12 ‘prescription agreement’ (as written by Chip)

(c)  Photocopies of ID (confirmed & countersigned by FOCUS staff) or letter confirming attendance at FOCUS 12.

Additional paperwork may include:

Requests for Certification of Fitness to Work (‘Sick notes’) at time of registration

Medication for FOCUS 12 patients:

(a) Medications (supplied in 28 day packs or other amounts if deemed more suitable by the prescribing GP) & repeat medication slips (‘B’ sides). Repeat medications may be ordered by FOCUS 12 staff for patients who have an active prescription agreement in place, via the Guildhall dispensary (702119).

(b) In the event of premature discharge from FOCUS 12 or other discharge deemed to be high risk of medication misuse, FOCUS 12 staff will ‘handover’ to the clients GP to allow safe prescribing practice to continue.

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